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Premium products, outstanding value for more than 45 years
by James R. Glidewell, CDT, President/CEO

When I opened Glidewell Laboratories in 1970, I had big plans and dreams, but what has evolved in the more than four decades since is more than I ever imagined. Our company’s founding principles of providing premium products at an outstanding value still drive everything we do, as we seek to drive down restorative costs and expand patient access to affordable dentistry.

We will continue to invest in new technologies and refine our products and services to better serve you and your patients. Our R&D department will conduct more advanced research; develop stronger, more esthetic materials; and improve traditional processes and techniques for your clinical success. We will continue to dedicate resources to the implant space with the production of affordable implant systems and all-inclusive restorative packages, advancing our mission of providing efficient, predictable solutions for dentists and patients by consolidating and improving the overall process of delivering implant treatment.

As always, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and communication, which we continually strive to improve. We truly appreciate being a part of your restorative team and are committed to being a valuable partner and information source for you and your patients. On behalf of everyone at our company, thank you for your business!

As one of the industry’s leading technological innovators, Glidewell Dental is honored to present the inaugural Glidewell Dental Symposium, with strategies for achieving clinical success. By assembling a diverse group of dental professionals recognized as experts in their respective areas, this event will cover a wide range of topics. Providing an expansive look at some of the most exciting tools and techniques available to the modern practice, the symposium will assist attendees in maximizing efficiency, optimizing results, and furthering practice growth.

Established Lab

In 1969, Jim Glidewell, CDT, began a career that would change the dental industry. Glidewell Laboratories was established to bring comprehensive treatment to all dental patients by providing high value at an affordable price.

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Excellent Service

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, which is as important to us as the products we make. We provide you with great service so that you can focus on patient care. Our friendly, professional Customer Service staff is here to help you grow your practice.

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Consistent Quality

We credit much of our success to CAD/CAM processes and a strict quality control system, which ensures your restorations are consistent, esthetic and seat with minimal adjustment. We have precisely calibrated digital parameters for margins, contacts and occlusion.


Global Network

To provide dental professionals in Europe with the same quality of services offered in the U.S., Glidewell opened a lab in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Glidewell Europe GmbH offers a complete range of restorative services, including BruxZir® Solid Zirconia.

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“We strive to drive down restorative costs and expand patient access to affordable dentistry.”

— Jim Glidewell, CDT, President/CEO

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