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Overdentures for Implant Cases

Our removable implant solutions provide you with reliable restorations that utilize the latest technology for a reasonable and consistent price. Implant overdentures are indicated for patients who desire a more stable prosthesis that improves retention, function and speech. The Locator® Implant Overdenture is indicated when there are at least two implants in place, and is most common in the mandible. The Inclusive® Locator CAD/CAM Milled Bar Overdenture distributes occlusal loads more evenly across four or more implants, making it ideal for patients with a heavy bite or when the implants have been placed in softer bone. The Mini Implant Overdenture offers immediate loading and long-term stabilization for patients with medical, anatomical or financial limitations.

We employ a dedicated full-service team of specially trained implant technicians to restore your case with the utmost case. Our all-inclusive pricing eliminates fear of hidden costs. When you prescribe removable implant solutions from Glidewell Laboratories, you will discover an easy, predictable and profitable approach to dentistry!

Locator is a registered trademark of Zest Anchors.

Our cases from Glidewell always fit and their function and esthetics are very good. The lab is always accessible und they promptly respond to meet our requirements or accommodate modifications.

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“We strive to drive down restorative costs and expand patient access to affordable dentistry.”

— Jim Glidewell, CDT, President/CEO

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