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Inclusive® Custom Abutments

Glidewell Europe GmbH offers two customized implant abutments under the Inclusive® brand name. Inclusive Custom Implant Abutments are available in titanium and zirconia with titanium base to fit your patients’ individual needs.

When you prescribe Inclusive Implant Abutments, a natural-looking emergence is designed using 3-D CAD technology and then fabricated using precision 5-axis milling. This precise interface optimizes soft tissue contours and crown esthetics and also ensures excellent gingival health.

Inclusive Implant Abutments are competitively priced, and include model work with soft tissue, implant analog and two screws. They are compatible with up to 11 of the most popular dental implant systems.

Inclusive is a registered trademark of Inclusive Dental Solutions.

After more than 45 years experience in prosthetic treatments and implantations, I finally found the lab that offers the best precision and service. Since September 2014, I once again enjoy my work in prosthetics. Why?- Because now there is no need for rework on my patients!

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— Jim Glidewell, CDT, President/CEO

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